We will positively engage the communities within which we operate by:

  • Building long-term strategic community relationships to maintain support and goodwill for APA's activities.
  • Increasing employee connections with local communities through sponsorships, employee volunteering and giving programs targeting vulnerable communities.
  • Continued APA's Building Brighter Futures community investment program supporting the Fred Hollows Foundation, Exodus Foundation (for Darwin Literacy Centre), and Clontarf Foundation.
  • Introduced APA employee involvement in Clontarf Foundation and Fred Hollows Foundation events.
  • Employees across APA participated in four community fundraising events including Cancer Council (Australia's Biggest Morning Tea and Pink Ribbon Day), Black Dog Institute and Movember with their fundraising efforts matched by APA, up to $10,000 per event.
  • Maintain support of our community investment program, Building Brighter Futures, by continuing our three headline partnerships. Employee involvement will also be continued to further support our partners' objectives.
  • Continue financial support for community events of up to $10,000 per event by matching employee fundraising for employee nominated causes.
  • Continue to invest in causes that enhance our relationships with key community stakeholders and strengthen our brand.
  • Community relations - Maintaining community support and goodwill for APA's activities.
  • Remain in touch with community interests and issues.
  • APA actively engages with its communities through sponsorships.
  • Construct and operate infrastructure using industry recognised standards or better.
  • Education and communication around APA's activities.

  • Encroachment - Urban encroachment around existing pipeline easements can increase the potential for damage. A change in pipeline location class may also increase compliance costs.

  • Landowner and community education and support of "Dial Before You Dig" service.
  • Pipeline easement monitoring and surveillance.
  • Liaise with council and planning authorities to effectively manage potential encroachment issues.

In FY2015 APA built on its 'Building Brighter Futures' community investment program, successfully introducing and implementing employee involvement in two of the program's headline partners' events.

Building Brighter Futures supports initiatives to improve the future prospects of vulnerable Australians. Established in late 2010, the program seeks to strengthen our company and employment brand and connect the APA business and people to the communities in which we live and work.

The program includes:

  • Corporate partnerships with three selected charities focused on supporting disadvantaged young Indigenous Australians.
  • An employee community event calendar, supporting up to four employee-nominated causes, with capped matching of funds raised.


APA continues to support its three charity partners under three-year commitments that were renewed or established in March 2014.

The Clontarf Foundation works to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men, through a network of football academies established in partnership with local schools. APA has been working with the Clontarf Foundation since 2011.

The Exodus Foundation's Literacy Program is an accelerated literacy program to support disadvantaged children with severely compromised reading ability. APA has funded three children per annum to participate in the Foundation's Darwin program since 2011.

In Australia, the Fred Hollows Foundation provides eye treatment and health programs for Indigenous communities in remote Australia. APA has been working with the Fred Hollows Foundation to deliver its Australian program since 2014.

In addition to direct financial support, APA introduced employee involvement in two of our three headline partners' events in FY2015. APA employee representatives participated in these events as part of their personal and career development and shared their experiences throughout APA with an article in APA's employee magazine as well as presenting at APA's annual Leadership Conference. The events attended were:

  • Clontarf Foundation's Broome Leadership Academy: A three-day event where young Indigenous students are taught about leadership as part of building their skills for future work prospects.
  • Fred Hollows Foundation's See Australia: A five-day trek across outback areas to participate in eye clinics and other health programs for the Indigenous Community.
  • Fred Hollows Foundation's Barunga Festival involvement: A three-day festival hosted by the Barunga Aboriginal community in Western Australia for various remote Aboriginal communities in the Top End. The Foundation attended to educate the community about eye care and other basic health information.
  • Clontarf Foundation's Jatbula Experience: A six-day hike (in June) through Nitmiluk National Park providing the opportunity to engage with students from the Katherine Clontarf Academy who guided the group on the 62 kilometre trail.

Two APA sites also hosted Clontarf Foundation Academy students during the year. Sydney and Perth employees engaged with the students to learn more about how the Foundation helps young Indigenous men.

Looking ahead, APA will support the Clontarf Foundation to implement a program to assist Academy students to be work-ready. The Clontarf Employment Pathways program will allow selected APA colleagues the opportunity to provide mentoring and guidance to Clontarf students during Clontarf Employment Forums and help develop their exposure to, and experiences in, the corporate environment.


Throughout the year, APA continued to support and promote employee events across multiple company sites and matched the funds raised by employees, to a capped amount per event. The events were selected based on an earlier survey of employees seeking their nominations of the four most worthy causes. The selected events/causes being:

  • Pink Ribbon Day (Cancer Council)
  • Movember (Movember Foundation)
  • Black Dog Institute (Mental Health research)
  • Australia's Biggest Morning Tea (Cancer Council)


In addition to its Building Brighter Futures program, APA continued to provide monetary and in-kind support to a number of groups or causes that achieve one or more of the following:

  • Strengthen APA's reputation in the local community
  • Enhance APA's relationships with key community stakeholders
  • Provide positive networking opportunities with community stakeholders

The two major sponsorships in FY2015 were for Taronga Zoo Foundation and the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra.

2016 - BEYOND

15 Years
of growth

We only look forward at APA as to what opportunities for growth lay ahead, never resting on our laurels of what we've achieved. However, we also believe it's healthy to acknowledge our significant growth and success since listing 15 years ago. That's why our celebratory timeline starts at financial year 2015 - like you, we're keen to see what's next in 2016 and beyond, but we're proud of our achievements over the last 15 years.

2015 - 2011


30 JUN 2015

JUN 2015

Wallumbilla Gladstone Pipeline acquisition, underpinned by
20 year take-or-pay gas transportation agreements. APA's largest acquisition


DEC 2014

Diamantina and Leichhardt Power Stations officially opened, underpinned by
long term electricity supply contracts until 2030.


28 JUN 2013

2013 - 2011

Maximising the value of APA's portfolio through consolidation and expansion - we're more than the sum of our parts.


DEC 2012

Completed acquisition of Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund. Creation of APA's East Coast Grid through the addition of the South West Queensland Pipeline. Emergence of the West Coast Grid with acquisition of Pilbara Pipeline System.

DEC 2012

Commenced expansion of APA's compression capacity at the Wallumbilla Gas Hub.


DEC 2011

Capacity expansion of the Goldfields Gas Pipeline.

JUL 2011

Emu Downs wind farm acquisition in the Perth area energy precinct, underpinned by 20 year electricity supply contracts.

Acquisition of the Amadeus Gas Pipeline in the Northern Territory.

MAY 2011

Fivefold capacity expansion of Mondarra Gas Storage Facility in the Perth area energy precinct.

APR 2011

Capacity expansion of the Roma Brisbane Pipeline.

2010 - 2006


30 JUN 2010

2010 - 2009

APA obtained investment grade credit ratings from Standard & Poor's (June 2009) and Moody's (April 2010).

2010 - 2008

Enhanced APA's asset footprint by means of capacity expansion, pipeline development and acquisitions.

MAR 2010

Acquired the Berwyndale to Wallumbilla Pipeline.


DEC 2008

Established Energy Infrastructure Investments (EII) for APA annuity style assets.

Completed construction of the Bonaparte Gas Pipeline.

AUG 2008

Acquired the Central Ranges Pipeline.


2007 - 2006

Start of ongoing acquisition and development of complementary assets for the APA portfolio.

OCT 2007

APA fully internalised asset management and operational services.

APA acquired Origin Energy Network (Jun/Jul 2007) assets including interests in SEA Gas Pipeline and the Envestra gas distribution network along with the long term operations and management contract for Envestra assets.

APA completed construction and commissioning of Daandine (Jan 2007) and X41 (Nov 2007) Power Stations.

APA completed construction and commissioning of Kogan North (Mar 2006) and Tipton West (Mar 2007) gas processing facilities.

APA acquired the Murraylink (Mar 2006) and Directlink (May 2007) electricity interconnectors.


DEC 2006

Acquisition of the Victorian Transmission System (formerly GasNet).

NOV 2006

Acquisition of Allgas gas distribution network in Queensland.

2005 - 2000


2005 - 2001

Period of acquisition of minority interests in major APA pipelines consolidating our ownership positions across Australia.

FEB 2005

Acquired the remaining 30% interest in the Carpentaria Gas Pipeline.

30 JUN 2005


AUG 2004

Goldfields Gas Pipeline interest increased to 88.2%.

Acquired Mondarra Gas Storage Facility, along with the Parmelia Gas Pipeline.


FEB 2001

Acquired the remaining 15% interest in the Roma Brisbane Pipeline.


30 JUN 2000

13 JUN 2000

APA was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Foundation contract was on the only 100% owned Moomba Sydney Pipeline.